Certificate Authenticity Checker

All employers know that hiring the wrong employee is not only problematic for the business but also unjust to other genuine candidates. Therefore, verifying an applicant’s qualifications should be part of the hiring process and conducted thoroughly.

With increasing competition on the job market, the risk of candidates providing fake degrees and certificates for a job is rising. It is especially important to verify qualifications when hiring new candidates. Employers should take this very seriously to avoid hiring an incompetent or even unlicenced candidate.

Purpose of Certificate Checker

The Certificate Checker can be used to verify the academic credentials of the candidate to ensure the relevancy and authenticity of the qualification. It provides official confirmation that the candidate has received the certificate and that it is real. It helps the employer to recruit rightly qualified applicants.

Advantages of Certificate Verification

  • Certificate verification helps to investigate the employee’s educational background. It helps companies cross-check the details provided.
  • It helps employers hire the right candidate and saves them from employing unqualified people.
  • It eliminates candidates who engage in unethical practices. The checker detects unauthorized certificates and facilitates background checks.
  • It helps employers verify employee’s potential skills sets. The employer can hire the right person with the right skills for the job.
  • It helps companies meet the legal requirements for licencing in certain trades.

As an employee or job seeker, being able to provide a potential employer or your superiors with an easy way to cross check your qualifications have multiple benefits.

A certificate verification process can authenticate a person’s qualification, existing skill level, knowledge, personality, and experience.

  • It helps your employer get the right information and helps in making you the right choice of hire.
  • It shows you are an honest candidate.
  • It helps the employer quickly identify your qualifications and skills.
  • It saves you from carrying physical documents every time you approach an employer for an opportunity or sending heavy files.

The qualifications list gets updated on the first Monday of every month. If you cannot find your employee’s qualifications please contact the office at [email protected]

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