Plug Top Replacement Course BRISBANE

Plug Top Replacement Course - BRISBANE


The Plug Top replacement course is for people who have successfully completed their Test and Tag Course. This plug top and socket course will provide you with the required knowledge to replace plugs and extension sockets on electrical equipment. 

After completing our Plug Top Replacement course you will be able to remove damaged plugs and sockets and wire new ones on for personal use only. You will also learn about different types of plugs and sockets, relevant regulations and specifications. In QLD plug top and sockets can only be replaced professionally by someone who holds an Electrical Licence. This course will only provide you with more knowledge but will not allow you to change plug top and sockets unless you get an Electrical Licence.

There is no funding currently available for this course.

 3 Hours*

Ongoing. Book your course and start anytime. This is a self-paced course.

Our Plug Top Replacement Course consists of 3 hours of practicals in class

You will get a certificate of attendance upon completion.

Click on the book now button and follow the prompts

 To enrol for our Plug Top Replacement Course you must have completed the single-phase Test and Tag course (UEESS00174) and Basic Computer Literacy

Please bring a pen, headphones and notebook.


Personal protective equipment is required:


Enclosed footwear, long cotton trousers and long sleeved cotton shirt are required to worn at all times when undertaking practical training.

Students failing to meet these minimum standards of dress will not be permitted entry to practical classes.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Great flexibility good quality training. Lots of practical training." MYLES S.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The flexibility to learn at my own pace. To be able to enroll and start the course straight away. The trainer was very approachable and explained things clearly to learn and understand subject matter." CLAUDIO C.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I highly recommend studying with Ausinet. The staff are very helpful and the trainer Kevin is very knowledgeable and provides a very detailed course to ensure that you learn everything there is to know about the particular course you are studying." LUKE S.

* Course completion duration may vary depending on student self-paced completion of the units and on job practical experience. Check with trainer for exact duration and click our Calendar for dates.

*Plug Top Replacement is not a Nationally recognised qualification but gives you more knowledge and competencies for plug top replacement (like for like only) You need to contact the licencing department for your State to find out if this course satisfies the requirements to conduct Plug Top Replacement professionally. Some states require that you need to be an Electrician and some states require you have a restricted Electrical Licence


Yes you can but it would be a very long day, we would recommend to allow an extra day if you cannot finish in 1 day

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