You can apply for a provisional electrical licence once you have an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) by contacting your state or territory’s electrical regulator.

Once in Australia, OTSR holders with a provisional licence or working training permit must complete Minimum Australian Context Gap Training and work for up to a year under the supervision of a fully licenced Australian electrician. If you successfully complete the course, you may be able to apply for your Australian qualification as a UEE30820 Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician.

You must provide colour copies of your final qualification, apprenticeship certificate, award, a full academic transcript, or other documents that include the start and end dates of training as well as programme details.

Step 1: Apply for a provisional licence

Contact the electrical regulator in the state or territory where you plan to work. The complete list can be found on the Electrical Licensing Page of the Trades Recognition Australia website (https://www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/programs/electrician-general-and-electrician-special-class).

It is critical to discuss the accepted process for completing any Australian minimum context gap training required to meet licencing requirements with the regulator.

Step 2: Apply for work in Australia

You can look for relevant jobs online (www.jobsearch.com.au), or you can contact Australian electrical employer associations and your union.

Before directing you to the Trades Recognition Australia portal to make your application payment, Future Skills International will determine whether your application is ‘Decision Ready.’

Step 3: Gain additional experience and complete the Minimum Australian Context Gap Training.

  • Undertake Minimum Australian Context Gap Training

Minimum Australian Context Gap Training is intended to address specific knowledge and skills required to work in the Australian electrical industry. The regulator in the state or territory where you intend to live will outline the required training to obtain your qualification.

More information about the gap training course, as well as registered providers, can be found at https://www.myskills.gov.au/courses/details

  • Record a period of supervised employment in Australia (up to 12 months).

Both you and your employer must keep a record of your work experience. Please consult with the RTO with whom you are completing your gap training for more information on profiling your work experience.

A skills assessment determines whether or not you have the necessary skills and experience to work in Australia at the required level for your occupation.

Step 4: Submit an application for the UEE30820 Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician.

Once you have successfully completed the gap training as well as the required supervised employment experience, the Australian RTO that provided the gap training can award you the UEE30820 Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician.

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