User Choice Funding

To be eligible for this funding you need to enrol through your employer.

Under User Choice Funding, you are signing up through your employer to complete the course, typically as an apprentice.
Apprenticeship courses run for a longer duration compared to regular courses as they require your employer to sign and prove that you have completed work for a certain number of hours i.e. 4 months to 4 years depending on your situation. Contact us so we can assess your circumstances and provide personalised advice.

User choice Funding – Certificate III Instrumentation and Control Apprenticeship 

Please see criteria and enrolment process below : 

Government Funding for Education in Australia:

When a country has a skilled workforce, it helps in overall growth and development, so both state and federal governments work together to make affordable training accessible to everyone. An easy way to do this is by supporting students by providing funding for courses.

Government funding subsidises students’ tuition fees. Schemes vary from one state to another, and students need to meet eligibility requirements. The courses that are subsidised are in high demand. The reason for this is that government-funded courses help create skilled workers in industries that have skills shortages.     Not all courses receive approval for government funding. A course in one state may get funding, while the same course in another state may not. This is usually based on skills that are in demand in a specific state at a specific time.     

VET Student Loans are also available for eligible students for qualifications at the Diploma level and above and cover part of the tuition fees. Loans are capped, and so students may have to pay gap amounts that are not covered by the loan. They are required to repay these loans when they start earning above the minimum repayment threshold.

The Australian Government is committed to enabling each citizen to reach their full potential. This effort takes the form of several funding options and incentives for students of all ages. There are a lot of Government-funded courses and Centrelink approved online courses available from private colleges, TAFE Institutes and Universities from all over Australia.

Courses covered include mostly Diploma level and higher qualifications with government funding options and assistance packages available for a lot of Certificate level qualifications as well.

The Government has incentive & student programs that offer loans and subsidies to students who are eligible and meet the provided guidelines. These training courses can vary from state to state. To find out whether you are eligible, visit the My Skills website.

How to get Government Funding for a Course?

Government funding schemes vary with each state. Each funding plan requires the course provider to apply for and be approved. Students must also meet eligibility requirements to get those subsidies.

We have made it easy for you to check your government-funded course eligibility. The eligibility can be checked on each course page.

On these pages, we outline the various state and federal government funding schemes and include a list of courses that are eligible under each funding type. Participants must make sure they meet eligibility requirements before applying.     

What government funding options are available in Australia?

Major funding opportunities are:

·        Smart and Skilled* (NSW)

·        Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD)

·        Higher Level Skills (QLD)

·        Skilled Capital (ACT)

·        User Choice (ACT, NT)

·        Skilling South Australia (SA)

·        Future Skills (WA)

We assist our students at every stage of the procedure, from beginning to end, in order to make the procedure as simple as feasible. The first step is to determine whether or not you are qualified for government funding. Government Funding by State we have a presence in:

Northern Territory


Thousands of free and low-cost training courses are provided to Northern Territory residents through JobTrainer NT, a collaborative initiative between the Australian government and the state government of the Northern Territory.

Skills Checkpoint

Skills Checkpoint is a programme in the Northern Territory that provides career counselling and training opportunities for older employees. It is aimed at persons over the age of 45 and aims to assist individuals in staying in their current position, transitioning to a new role at work, or pursuing a completely different career path.

User Choice

User Choice Funding is a federally funded programme that subsidises the cost of an apprenticeship or traineeship while also providing additional benefits to students in rural and remote locations.


Certificate 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee pays for a variety of Certificate III qualifications and fundamental skills training. Free training for Apprenticeships

This programme offers free training to students under the age of 21 who are enroled in priority apprenticeship and traineeship programmes.

Free training for Year 12 graduates

Fee-Free Training for Year 12 Graduates allows qualifying students to participate in fee-free apprenticeships, traineeships, and training in high-demand fields. After graduating from high school, the Queensland government offers subsidised training for a calendar year.

Higher Level Skills

Within prioritised skill categories, the Higher-Level Skills Program provides funding for Certificate IV or higher-level certifications.


JobTrainer Queensland is a more than $201 million investment in Queensland’s vocational education and training (VET) industry. This cooperative project between the federal government and the Queensland state government will provide free and low-cost training to new workers, school leavers, apprentices, and trainees.

Skills Checkpoint

Skills Checkpoint is a Queensland-based organisation that provides older employees with career advice and training opportunities. It is aimed at persons over the age of 45 and aims to assist individuals in staying in their current position, transitioning to a new role at work, or pursuing a completely different career path.

User Choice

User Choice Funding is a federally funded programme that helps people pay for an apprenticeship or traineeship by providing subsidy.

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